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Automobile accidents and injuries are an unfortunate aspect of our modern and mobile life. And no matter how safe you are, you can’t control the other driver. Regardless of how your accident happened, your injuries need to be addressed immediately. Injuries left untreated have the potential to cause problems later in life.

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We work to get you the full, complete auto injury care you need. We will never collect any money from you, nor will any medical provider involved in your treatment plan that we may refer you to including imaging center, chiropractor, physical therapy or other medical specialties.

So many injuries can result from an accident, you need to see an auto accident board certified physician to be sure to get the correct treatment. Any swelling, joint pain, or aches you think might go away with over-the-counter pain medication could signify something deeper. Without quick and proper auto accident medical treatment, you could be looking at life-long injuries, pain, and suffering.


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Auto Accident Treatment

The most common auto accident injuries are head, neck and back. Your body was forced to move in an unnatural way with significant force Many parts of your body could have been sprained, misplaced, or injured including your unrestrained head resulting in the need for treatment. Do not try to guess what your injuries are. Come see the auto accident medical treatment team at Accident & Injury Solutions. We serve all of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, West Phoenix, Prescott, and surrounding areas.

At Accident & Injury Solutions we are experienced in all aspects of auto accident injury and the rehabilitation associated with such accidents. All medical treatment and care is one-on-one, with members of our team including our board certified physician guiding you through each step of the personalized treatment plan. If it is both appropriate and necessary, we will consult with medical doctors of different disciplines to build your comprehensive treatment plan.

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This approach allows our team and accident injury doctor the opportunity to treat our patients as real people, rather than part of a quota that an insurance company requires we hit in a specific month. The only goal we have is to return you to a life free of pain. We are dedicated to treating the following injuries associated with auto accident injuries.


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